At Greater Gardens we start off all of our work with a landscape design. We send out a designer for an initial meeting on site, at which point he or she will walk you around the property and discuss everything that you would like incorporated into your plan. This meeting is free of obligation and is designed to ensure that you feel comfortable with the designer's ideas. The designer will often do a sketch at this meeting - and will refer to our photo album to ensure that you can visualize his or her ideas. At this time, the designer will calculate a design fee, which starts at $975.00 and increases from there, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

If you decide to go ahead with the design, your information gets back to the office where we will begin the design work.

Upon completion, our designer will book another appointment to present you with your completed plan. You will end up with a detailed blueprint with all items where you would like to see them, as well as a quotation that breaks down the prices to install each of the items. At this point, you can decide how you would like to go about the construction. We are able to complete a project in full, partially, or broken up into phases. Construction can usually begin within a few weeks of plan approval.